Ecoply® Barrier

The Ecoply® Barrier System provides a weather tight and rigid air barrier for drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame. This effectively replaces traditional building wrap in the cavity, while providing structural bracing and forming a strong secondary line of defence against moisture penetration into the building envelope.

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Features & Benefits

  • Temporary weather protection to the building envelope prior to cladding installation
  • Fast close-in allows for earlier interior finishing
  • Provides structural bracing when installed as per bracing specifications
  • The panels can be exposed for a maximum of 180 days during the construction cycle. The sealing tapes can be exposed for a maximum of 180 days during the construction cycle. This means there are no hold-ups while the cladding has to be installed, e.g. brick layers etc
  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine
  • Sheet dimensions: 2440/2745 × 1200 mm
  • H3.2 CCA treated
  • Low formaldehyde emission (E0)
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC's) surface coating
  • FSC® certified (SCS-COC-001316) upon request


  • The Ecoply Barrier System meets the NZ Building Code requirements for rigid underlays as outlined in Section 9.1.4; the performance requirements of Table 23 of E2/AS1; and has been tested for wind speed exceeding Extra High wind zone as defined in NZS 3604. Testing has been completed to provide solutions for buildings outside scope of NZS 3604; contact CHH Ply direct for further information
  • BRANZ appraised for use as a rigid sheathing and temporary weather-protecting sheathing on timber-framed buildings
  • Independently certified as complaint with AS/NZS 2269 - Plywood Structural
  • H3.2 CCA treated in accordance with AS/NZS 1604.3


Ecoply Barrier NZ



The Ecoply Barrier System with weatherboard


The Ecoply Barrier System with Shadowclad®


The Ecoply Barrier System - overhangs and joint clearances


The Ecoply Barrier System - vertical sheet joints


The Ecoply Barrier System - Horizontal Joint


The Ecoply Barrier System - Horizontal Sheet Joints (Barrier Tape)


The Ecoply Barrier System - External Corner


The Ecoply Barrier System - Internal Corner



The Ecoply Barrier System - Corner External to Horiztonal Joint



The Ecoply Barrier System - Penetration and Services



The Ecoply Barrier System - Wall Opening



Window Penetration Frame Sealing Tape Installation



Window Penetration Frame Sealing Tape Installation with Head Flashing

Figure 1C

Framing/HandiBrac Installation

Figure 1D

Bracing Panel Installation

Figure 1E

Bracing Panel Installation - Long

Figure 1F

Bracing Panel Installation at Lintel

Figure 1G

EPBS Bracing Panel Installation


Ecoply Barrier Specification and Installation Guide September 2017

Ecoply Barrier provides a weather tight rigid air barrier system for drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame, effectively replacing traditional building wrap in the cavity while providing structural bracing, and forming a strong secondary line of defence against moisture penetration into the building envelope.

Ecoply Specification and Installation Guide September 2015

Ecoply is New Zealand's leading brand of structural plywood. Information in this guide relates to Ecoply and Shadowclad structural properties and specifications for common structural plywood applications.


Ecoply SDS H3.2 CCA Treated Plywood

Chemwatch H3.2 CCA treated pine plywood Safety Data Sheet.

Ecoply Barrier SDS

Chemwatch Ecoply Barrier

Case Studies

Brace for the Future

Ecoply Barrier was used in place of building wrap to create a fully drained and vented rigid air barrier. With the growing awareness around leaky building a requirement for the Kaplan International College new residence bulding in Christchurch was to provide not only a building which was cost effective but one which had increased protection against leaks into the building envelope, especially given the building is located in a high wind zone area.

Braced For All Levels

A three-storey home situated on the slopes of Titirangi's Wood Bay utilised the benefits of Ecoply Barrier for quick enclosure along with the added bracing of a rigid air barrier system.

Braced for the Elements

A new family home, situated by the ocean, in the extra high wind zone of the Taranaki region required an upgrade from a standard rigid air barrier board to Ecoply Barrier.

Deep South Higher Education

A generous outdoor plaza is at the heart of a significant addition to the Otago University campus.

Wrapped Up For Winter

Ecoply Barrier was used as protection against the elements down south.

Vital Support Where It Counts

Vision West Community Housing provides short term and long term supported rental housing in West Auckland. Their aim is to provide safe, healthy, affordable, quality rental housing for low-income families. Ecoply Barrier was the obvious solution for this project as it could benefit the complete build with its bracing properties, speed of installation and weather-tightness.

The Architect, The Builder and The Homeowner - Ecoply Barrier

Zane Raphael of Smith & Sons, renovation and extension specialists, moved his family into a 1960s Auckland home with plans to renovate and create a safe, healthy, dream home for his family.

Kaikoura Island Prefabricated Lodge

The collaboration between Architecture+Women-NZ and Strachan Group Architects (SGA) has been a successful partnership between timber products and great prefabricated design.

Information Bulletin

Treated Timber and Plywood Hazard Class Quick Guide

Treated timber and plywood hazard class Quick Guide.

Interior Plywood Range December 2015

Manufactured in New Zealand by Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts, the Interiors portfolio is a range of untreated plywood panels suitable for internal use as wall and ceiling linings.

Technical Note

Ecoply & Shadowclad FSC® Certificate

FSC® Certificate for Tokoroa Plywood Mill.

Ecoply Barrier: BRANZ Appraisal No. 827

Ecoply Barrier: BRANZ Appraisal No. 827.

Ecoply Moisture Shield Data Sheet

Climate Moisture Shield Technical Data Sheet

Inserting Ecoply Bracing Values Into GIB EzyBrace Software

How to insert bracing values into GIB EzyBrace.

Moulds on Timber

Technical Note relating to moulds on timber.

Tips for Ecoply Barrier Installation

Effective assurance against building envelope leaks.

Trouble with Substitutes

Think hard and check before substituting one building product for another. Get it wrong and you could be creating quality issues and have trouble getting a Code Compliance Certificate.

Ecoply Bracing Patch

Ecoply bracing patch, refer to Inserting Ecoply Bracing Values into GIB EzyBrace Technical Note.

Product Technical Statement

Ecoply® Barrier Plywood July 2015

Product Techncial Statement for Ecoply Barrier