Handiply® Garage Ply

Attractive, tough and impact resistant for the rough and tumble of the modern Kiwi lifestyle, Handiply® Garage Ply is an internal lining panel suitable for applications where strength and durability is desired.

Panels are untreated and feature a CD surface finish (face may contain surface filler) with a ‘V’ groove profile running along the length of the sheet at 100 mm centres.

The panels are available in either square edge or with a tongue and groove profile edge.

Garage Ply is not suitable for use in wet areas or where the use of structural plywood (such as wall bracing) is required.

Where structural plywood is required use only Ecoply® or Shadowclad® branded plywood.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from sustainably grown NZ plantation pine
  • Front: solids-sanded C-face with ‘V’ grooves running lengthwise along sheet at 100 mm centres
  • Rear: D-face (non-visual)
  • Edge profile: square edge or tongue and groove
  • Sheet thickness: 12mm
  • Sheet dimensions: 2400 × 1200mm
  • Available untreated
  • Low formaldehyde emission (E0)
  • Available Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified (FSC® C012019) upon request


Handiply non-structural plywood is manufactured under a strict quality control programme and is an ‘A Bond’ construction.

Handiply non-structural plywood must not be used in any structural or load-bearing applications as outlined under the NZ Building Code.

Non-structural plywood is not compliant with the NZ Building Code.


Sheet Layout

All edges of square edge Garage Ply must be supported.

For tongue and groove Garage Ply the tongue and groove joint does not require support — all other edges do.

Surface Coatings

Where used as an internal lining, Garage Ply can be left uncoated or applied with common coating systems, including clear coatings, penetrating stains and acrylic paints (including film forming stains).
Note: Sheets may contain surface filler.

Where a high visual appearance is required the use of plywood with a higher visual surface grade such as Ecoply Grooved Lining is recommended.

Technical Note

Handiply - Moulds on Plywood

Technical Note relating to moulds on plywood.


Handiply SDS Untreated Plywood

Chemwatch Safety Data Sheet.

Building Product Information

Handiply® Garage Ply August Product Technical Statement and Building Product Information Sheet

Product Technical Statement and Building Product Information Sheet for Handiply Garage Ply

Information Bulletin

Handiply Garage Ply Installation Guide March 2014

Garage Ply is a cost effective plywood panel lining suitable for non structural linings such as garages, sheds and utility buildings. Garage Ply offers high impact resistance and exceptional durability compared to other lining material options.