Ecoply® Roofing

Ecoply® Roofing is designed for roofing overlays that can cope with open imperfections in the substrate face. For roofing products that require a smooth substrate, such as flexible membranes, use Ecoply Flooring or Ecoply Structural Square Edge (CD grade).

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Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine
  • DD surface grade- left unsanded for extra strength and grip for roofing installers
  • Tongue and groove edge profile (long sheet edges) do not require support blocking, saving time and money
  • Sheet thicknesses: 15 to 25mm
  • Sheet dimensions: 2400/2700 × 1200mm
  • F8 and F11/F8 stress grades available: 15 mm and 17mm supplied in F11/F8 as standard for increased span capabilities
  • Available untreated or H3.2 CCA treated


Ecoply is manufactured under a third-party-audited quality control programme and is certified by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) as compliant with AS/NZS 2269 Plywood Structural.


This section is currently under review - for information on sheet thicknesses, lengths, packs, pricing and availability, please contact your local merchant.


CHH Ply - EWPAA Formaldehyde Certificate

CHH Ply - EWPAA Formaldehyde Certificate

CHH Ply - 2021 EWPAA Product Certification Scheme Certificate

2021 EWPAA Product Certification Scheme Certificate

Technical Note

Ecoply - Ecoply & Structural Plywood Packaging

Ecoply & Structural Plywood Packaging Technical Note

Ecoply - Moulds on Plywood

Technical Note relating to moulds on plywood.


Ecoply Specification and Installation Guide October 2022

Manufactured in New Zealand by Carter Holt Harvey Plywood, the Ecoply portfolio represents a range of structurally rated plywood products.


Ecoply SDS Untreated Plywood

Chemwatch Safety Data Sheet.

Ecoply SDS H3.2 CCA Treated Plywood

Chemwatch H3.2 CCA treated pine plywood Safety Data Sheet.

Building Product Information

Ecoply® Structural Plywood used in Roofs

Product Technical Statement and Building Product Information Sheet for Ecoply Structural Plywood used in Roofs



Ecoply Flooring layout


Sheet and framing layout


Truss ridge detail


Roof to wall junction vent


Ridge detail with Ridgeboard


Fastener Spacings from Edges


Fastener spacings for Ecoply